Restaurant Covid Policies


Fask mask use is mandatory within the clubhouse at all times unless seated at a table.


Employees are required to wear face masks at all times inside and while tending to tables outside also.


At this time, we are only offering outside seating only, to continue to ensure our guests safety and in accordance with the latest PHo on March 29th, 2021. Tables must remain in their designated spots, please do not pull tables together.


We are encouraging a maximum of 4 people sitting at 1 table, but you may have 6 people seated at 1 table if needed. Once seated at a table you may not move to another table to join another party.


We are mandated by Worksafe BC to collect the information from 1 person from each table to keep on file for 30 days.


Please order your food inside at the counter, this is also the counter in which customers may place an order “Grab and Go” items for on the golf course. Our staff will deliver your food on a tray that will be left at the side of your table, from there you will take it and place it on your table and our staff will remove the cart.


Condiments will NOT be on the tables, so please let staff know if you require salt and pepper, ketchup etc.


Staff has the right to refuse service to any guest that displays any signs of COVID-19 in order to protect our staff and other guests.  If you are feeling unwell please stay home.


You MUST sanitize your hands prior to coming into the clubhouse and once again when you leave.  A sanitization station will be provided at every entrance and at the ordering counter.


Our preferred method of payment is Debit Card or Credit Card, please let us know if you’d like a receipt.



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Current Weather at Windermere Valley Golf Course
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Current Weather at Windermere Valley Golf Course